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Colonies formed by Persuasion

The Middle Colonies
The Southern Colonies
The Middle and Southern colonies were settled by many different people looking for a better life away from their old one. In order to fully understand the reasons why these colonies were settled we took a look at each one individually. In class we were put into groups and assigned a colony to focus on. I was put in a group with two other classmates of mine and we were assigned the New Jersey colony. After we were assigned the New Jersey colony we read an article that our teacher had picked out for us. Using this article we were able to answered the assigned questions. These questions focused on why this colony was founded, by who, and what went on in the colony. After my group had answered the questions and got them checked over by our teacher we went on to start the video. We wrote a script and found images that would represent the New Jersey colony in a positive way. The goal of the video was to try and persuade people to move to the New Jersey colony. When the videos had been completed by each group we watched them as a class and were able to discuss. For each colony we wrote down the main points that answered the questions we were assigned. This way we were able to view each colony in more depth.
The New Jersey colony was founded in 1603 by Henry Hudson. Henry Hudson had claimed the land for the Dutch although he was British because he worked for the Netherlands. They decided to settle in New Jersey because it allowed for expansion, trading, and refuge for the Quakers that came from England. New Jersey was claimed by the British in 1664 and was placed under the rule of two leaders, Lord John Berkeley and Sir George Carteret. Berkeley had control over the west side and Carteret controlled the east side. In order for the settlement to thrive they set up trading colonies along Hoboken and Jersey City. New Jersey was also a colony that had many manufacturers. They manufactures all sorts of things like iron, plows, tools, kettles, locks, and nails which they then exported to England. New Jersey was also a very diverse colony. The dutch, Swedish, and Fins were the first to settle joining the Delaware Indians that had lived in New Jersey before the colony was established.  Also there were many people settling because land was sold at low prices and Carteret and Berkeley allowed religious freedom to the people. The result of this was a colony that had about 100,000 people. The video below explains this all in an attempt to try and convince people at the time of the New jersey colony to settle there. 

Many articles and commercials  use ethos, pathos and logos to convince people to buy or do something. In our commercial we used ethos and pathos. Ethos is appealing to the audience using credibility and trustworthiness. In our case we talked about the leaders of the New Jersey colony and what they allow the settlers to do. Pathos is more of an emotional feel, so the argument appeals to the audiences emotions and makes them believe you. We were able to use ethos by allowing many different options for what you can do in the New Jersey colony that can apply to all sorts of people. The one appeal we did not use was Logos. Logos is using facts and data to persuade your audience. This could be shown by using numbers to describe something or percent of things.The people that settled in New Jersey were persuaded by others to come and settle because they thought there was something in New Jersey for them.

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