Monday, May 11, 2015

Washington's Leadership

A good leader is someone who can in force rules but be nice about it, trustworthy, and intelligent.

Washington was a good leader when he came up with a strategic retreat at the Battle of Long Island. After they had been defeated by the British at the Battle, General Howe gave the Americans time so that he could figure out what to do next. Washington secured all the boats overnight and personally got all of his soldiers on the boats to take them elsewhere. This was an example of good leadership because he was thinking about what could possible happen and how to get everybody out of there instead of just thinking about himself. He also made sure that they all got away by getting them on the boats himself. This is important because he could have just gotten one boat for himself to leave but instead he decided that as the leader he was responsible for the rest of his army. It must have taken a lot of work to get all the boats overnight showing that Washington is intelligent and had was eager to to do work for what he though was right.

Washington was not a good leader when he punished his men because he suspected they were thinking of a mutiny. Washington was so concerned for his well being that he was willing to kill some of his men to keep himself safe. As an example he was about to give lashes to a man named macaroni Jack and when Jack asked the army "brothers will you help me." Washington decided that he was planning a mutiny and had his officers shoot him. This is bad leadership because he is the one responsible for his men and if he is killing them then he is not thinking of them rather he is thinking of himself. If he was actually concerned with a mutiny he would have worried about how it would affect the army and plan on stopping it. It was not a trustworthy thing of Washington to do because his soldiers had faith in him that Washington would keep them safe. It wasn't a good way to treat his soldiers because they were willing to help him in defeating the British with the risk of their life, but in a way that they are actually helping in the conquering of the British instead of just because of Washington's concern.

I think Washington was a good leader in the first half of the war because he was able to get his men to do things quickly and without mistakes. It takes a good leader to be able to get all his men to abbey him and have trust in him. Washington although he was harsh was concerned with not allowing the a British to take what was rightfully thier's and was willing to risk his life.

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