Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Time of Achievement and A Time of Sorrow

The Printing press was the greatest invention of its time. Before the printing press was made people who weren’t church or royalty could not afford books. Books were originally hand copied by monks. If they wanted to make another copy of a book they would need to hand write the whole thing over again. This made it so books that were written at the time had a lot of mistakes in them and they took a long time to make. Since the book took so long they were priced very high. So citizens weren't able to afford them. This meant that ideas and knowledge weren't spread as easily. Once they invented the printing press it allowed them to be able to make multiple copies of the same page in a much faster time. This made it so the books were lower priced and everybody could afford them. Now that everyday people could afford books people became more literate and therefore they were smarter and more intelligent overall. Since ideas could spread more quickly the reformation spread quickly also. They used paper pamphlets, discussions, news ballad, and woodcuts.  The printing press helped spread ideas throughout Europe much faster than they were every spread before.

This is a fictional conversation between two people that lived in Europe during the time that Mary Tudor ruled. Sarah and her boyfriend, Jack who lives a couple miles away are reacting to the events happening around them.

Sarah: Jack I really need you right now. My parents are fighting about Mary as queen. They are worried that she will have strict rules and they won’t pay attention to me. #needy

Jack:Why are you parents so worried? Mary was raised as a Catholic she can stop the Protestant religion from spreading more. Mary can help us by becoming queen.

Sarah: That’s the problem yesterday she did something that goes against everything that I believe. There was a woman four months away from having a baby and she was burned. #scared

Jack: I’m scared too. I don’t know if that was right, but I want to be able to practice my catholic faith and Mary will help me achieve that. #sidemary

Sarah: My parents will do anything to save their religion. We are Protestant. If my parents do anything that’s not catholic my whole family will be punished like that woman.

Jack: Just become Catholic. Forget about that Protestant. It’s the only way to stay safe. Otherwise Mary will kill you. #protectyourself

Sarah: I’m sorry I can’t go against my religion. I will be the burning flesh you smell for weeks after my death. Sorry Jack.

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