Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Conflicts of Truth

The Scientific Revolution was a great change in the medical field from what it used to be. Almost all of the most important discoveries were made by using the scientific method. The scientific method if a series of steps used to test new ideas and theories. The seven steps of the scientific method are state the problem, gather the information on the problem, form a hypothesis, experiment to test the hypothesis, record and analyze the data, state a conclusion, and repeat the steps. Usually scientist would repeat these steps over and over multiple times to make sure that their data was accurate. There were multiple ways in which they understanding of science changed in this time. The understanding of astronomy was greatly impacted during the scientific revolution. The understanding had always been that earth was in the center of the "world." This was how people understood it because the Roman Catholic Church taught people that god had created the earth first so it would have to be the center. However then a scientist called Nicolaus Copernicus came along and said that the universe was heliocentric, which means that it has a sun center. People didn't believe him because it went against the church teachings and that would mean the first thing in the Bible was wrong. Then Galileo cam along and proved Copernicus's theory. Galileo had proof because he had built a telescope so he could actually see the sun sand planets. The Roman Catholic Church was so appalled that Galileo was going against everything that they had taught that they made him go too trial. They said if he didn't take back what he had said then they would kill him. The church was so scared because they new that if Galileo was right people would start questioning all that the church was teaching them. Galileo said that he didn't mean what he said and would never say it again. Boyle was another famous scientist who discovered the process of combustion. He made air pumps to test pressure and made up the formula PV=K, which means pressure times volume will always equals a constant. Their was also ParĂ© who was a military surgeon and a royal surgeon. He discovered the use of prosthetic limbs and ligatures for binding arteries. All of the scientists at this time were hoping to discover something that hadn't been discovered yet. This mock primary source was written in October of 2014 from the perspective of a merchant, who is a devout Catholic reacting to the scientist who are dissecting human bodies. 

I just found out that the scientists are going against the rules of the church. If they aren't following the rules of the church then no matter what their discoveries are they will always be wrong and inaccurate. Da Vinci, Vesalius, and Harvey they are great scientists who are using their knowledge against everybody else. They aren't allowed to study a corpse of a person. Everybody should get properly buried by the Roman Catholic Church, after they have passed. The scientists shouldn't put people they may not even know at risk of not going to heaven. Who knows if once someone dies if they go directly to heaven what if it takes awhile and then when they are dissected then they don't go anywhere. They may be studying the human body, but until then can actually help anybody they shouldn't have the privilege to take apart someones resting body. Da Vinci, Vesalius, and Harvey may be sacrificing their entrance into heaven. They shouldn't be dragging anybody else with them. Who knows if god will change his mind about where they go when they pass. I support the Roman Catholic Church one hundred percent. It is wrong for these scientists to be able to worry anyone about what is happening. I refuse to believe anything that they are doing because the Church and God are the ones who make the rules and tell us what we need to know. If we needed to know more about the human body then the Church would inform us, but to prove the church wrong is going against everything. That would be like saying that the god didn't create anything. These scientists are wasting their time on studies that will go nowhere. Who would believe then after they have defied the church? The Roman Catholic Church should overrule these scientists studies and say that they are no longer allowed to dissect human bodies. 

Da Vinci


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